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Question - 1 : TV remote এর Carrier frequency-র range কত?

a) < 100 MHZ

b) < 1 GHZ

c) < 2 GHZ Infra

d) Infra-red range-এর

Right Answer: d) Infra-red range-এর

The Advantages of an Internet Security Suite

Web security suites have become an expanding need with regards to ensuring your PC. The web has everything from infections to spyware to advertisement and malware and it has gotten progressively hard to discover a site that isn't putting something onto your PC. Subsequently, it is critical to secure your PC and ensure your protection and data while you surf the web. This is particularly valid for people who do exchanges, for example, charge pay and banking utilizing the web. This is the reason having a web security suite can give you genuine feelings of serenity and help you to ensure all your own data. A web security suite will be involved a few distinct kinds of projects.

Generally, they are going to accompany a popup blocker. These are intended to guard your PC from popup promotions. More often than not these spring up promotions are just a disturbance and there are times that these pop ups can very place advertisement or malware onto your PC or be brought about by it. What's more, there are sites now that can really download an infection onto your PC when the page loads or when you click on a finish interface.

So as to secure against this most web security suites will give an approach to filter connects so as to guarantee that they won't make issues with your PC or put something on your framework that you don't need. Web security suites additionally for the most part have infection examines for downloads to help guarantee that when you download you are shielded from whatever could be found in the record. Web security suites could conceivably additionally remember an email scanner for request to browse messages that are coming in and guarantee that you are sheltered from infections, worms just as spyware, adware and malware.

At last, most web security suites are additionally going to come furnished with a firewall. Firewalls help to shield your PC from a large group of programming applications, which can cause an issue with your PC. On the off chance that the most part this is going to confine the action of programming applications from your PC to the web. This keeps spyware from interfacing with the site they are modified to transmit data as well. Having a web security suite is tied in with ensuring all parts of your web understanding so you can be guaranteed that you will have the most ideal surfing experience without agonizing over what you may be putting on your PC or where your own data might be winding up once you sign on. It likewise shields your passwords and usernames from being gotten. These suites can likewise give an extra degree of security with regards to ensuring that the utilization of banking data and Mastercards online is secure and safe each time you sign on.